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We, at Cooperans, are working on promoting relations between the European Union and Indo-Pacific countries.


The EU's Indo-Pacific strategy

Trade, connectivity and much more

The European Union and Indo-Pacific countries together hold more than 70% of global trade.

The European Union and Indo-Pacific countries represent up to 60% of global FDI flows.

4 of the top 10  EU trading partners are located in the Indo-Pacific. (merchandise trade, value %)


A strong EU Indo-Pacific strategy is needed more than ever.

Conferences organises regular conferences and meetings to support dialogue between Europe and the Indo-Pacific region.


We offers webinars to European and Indo-Pacific stakeholders to better understand both regions.


Our experts publish reports and working papers on the development of the EU strategy in the Indo-Pacific.

Public affairs works for the promotion of stronger relations between the two regions.

The Indo-Pacific perspective

In 2021 was launched the EU strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. The European Union and Indo-Pacific nations share common challenges regarding sustainability, security and connectivity. supports parties from both regions in developing new ties and conducting innovative solutions.

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Connecting the EU with Indo-Pacific

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